Roller blinds

The roller blinds certainly create a comfortable home, elegant and protected from the sun rays. The wide range of roller blinds provided by Alexiana, containing more than 60 models and colours, provides diversity at competitive prices. Easy to install and maintain, roller blinds have a great appeal for both commercial and residential areas.

Technical details
Technical specifications
The offer of models and colours of roller blinds includes 8 types of materials (1 opaque, semi-opaque, 3 transparent and 3 semi-transparent). The material from which the roller blinds are made of is 100% polyester, being easy to clean and maintain.
Roller blinds can be install on:
depending on your preferences

There is the possibility of hue differences for the same colour. This aspect always occurs when different batches are involved.

o System with deceleration device
o Reliable positioning of the ascending / lowering position
o Possibility of stopping in any position
o Installation kit and assembly instructions

Roller blinds can be vacuum cleaned by vertical movements without dismantling them. Cleaning can be done with a soft cloth soaked in water with a neutral and very mild detergent. After longer use, for example a few years, roller blinds can be washed. For this procedure, the textile strip will be dismantled, stretched so that it stays straight and will be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened in water with a neutral and very mild detergent. It is forbidden to squeeze the roller blind.

Avoid bleach or other solutions containing chlorine to prevent damage and discoloration.


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